Perfect for sparking your kids' imaginations and bringing some extra magic this Easter and Christmas. 


Christmas & Easter are definitely two of kids' favourite holidays (the presents and chocolates are probably a main reason), and we believe that bringing the magic of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny alive are two things that make these holidays so special. With our Footprints Stencils Bundle, you can get the kids hopping with excitement as they track down the footprints left behind by some of their favourite magical gift & treat givers. 

Cut from 3mm plywood, simply place these stencils on a flat surface and sprinkle with your choice of powder or glitter. Perfect for use on indoor or outdoor floors (we recommend not on carpet unless you have a vacuum handy!), these Stencils are a great way to bring a real clue to the magical mysteries of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus - bring these traditions to life!


For Santa's footprints - each bootprint is 10.5 cm across and 26 cm tall. For the Easter Bunny's footprints - each footprint is 11 cm across and 18 cm tall. Bundle consists of 4 stencils total (Santa's left & right bootprints and Easter Bunny's left and right footprint).

Santa Claus & Easter Bunny Footprint Stencils Bundle

    • Easter Bunny Footprints - each footprint stencil is 11 cm across and 18 cm tall.
    • Santa Claus Footprints - each footprint is 10.5 cm across and 26 cm tall. 
    • Each bundle order contains 4 stencils (one pair of each set of footprints).

    • All of our materials are a standard 3 mm thick, so please review our PRODUCT CARE section for care instructions.

    • Suitable powders include flour, icing sugar, baby powder, and glitter. Please follow any warnings or advise for powder products, and be aware of potential risks of mess or pest (when using foodstuff powders). Recommended for use on flat surfaces that are easy to clean (hardwoods floors, tiles, outdoor decks, etc. Not advised for use on carpeted surfaces without suitable cleaning equipment).